Interactive Content – The Poster Boy of Digital Marketing

Interactive content

Summary – Explore the world of interactive content. Take a look at how it can be developed and how it takes user engagement to an altogether new level.

Who is it for – Web developers, digital marketers, content writers

A lot has been said, done, and heard about the importance of content and its significance in digital marketing. Engaging content is more than groups of words. They create a comprehensive and crystal clear picture of an idea or concept, thus helping you take your thoughts across sectors and people. Today, however, a brand utilizing interactive content is engaging far better than with static content. Think survey forms, calculators, or any microsite where the site visitor will key in some detail and will get some results or answers. This is interactive content.

With the emergence of new engagement principles and policies, high quality content has become the need of the hour. It is one of the most exciting marketing tactics, which promotes online businesses in a unique way. Here’s what you need to know about this brand new digital marketing revolution.

Defining interactive content

There are crucial differences between general and riveting content. The latter contains almost all the important elements of business marketing. Some of these crucial aspects include:

  • Consumer engagement
  • Increasing traffic
  • Improved conversions
  • Captivating audience

Some of the most appealing instances of interactive content focus on solving problems first and are content marketing campaigns second.

How is interactive content different from other content?

Before implementing interactive content strategies, you need to develop a crystal clear understanding of the crucial differentiators. What’s the basic difference that makes quality content so special? Well, here’s an answer!

1 – Real-time engagement

Your audience loves to engage with the compelling copies you create. How would you feel if this engagement takes place in real-time? The term ‘interaction’ stands for bi-directional communications where the entire discussion is participatory in nature. You create content, and your readers share their suggestions and inputs while reading it.

2 – General interaction

What general content help you achieve is a unidirectional communication with your readers. They read, share, promote, and comment on your articles, but don’t lead them towards further improvement.

With this basic differentiation in mind, you can create highly interesting and engaging interactive content. If you are wondering what makes them inevitable in 2015, here are some reasons to fall back on.

Why take the ‘interactive’ way?

Do you wish to leave a mark and carve a distinctive niche for your brand? If you are a passionate entrepreneur and a go-getter, you will simply nod your head in agreement. The prime emphasis should be on creating a unique identity and staying ahead of the growth curve.

1 – Stay afloat

Without a remarkable presence and a striking brand identity, you have every chance of getting lost in the crowd. Result-oriented content will help you achieve a strong foothold thus reaching out to potential consumers in a better way.

2 – Promote experiential learning

First-time learners always opt for experienced-based, activity-oriented, and integrated learning. Interactive content gives them the opportunity to try out new things, carry out experiments, and learn through experiences. That’s a crucial step towards educating your dedicated audience.

3 – The power of data

General and passive content do generate huge volumes of data. However, when you compare them with interactive and active content, the amount is quite low. Interactive content ensures direct access to crucial data sources. You receive targeted insights which help you develop personalized marketing plans.

Taking it to the next level with interactive content

It is evident that interactive content production is the future of digital marketing. Contact a skilled content writing agency to incorporate quizzes, configurators, assessment tools, calculators, and workbooks while developing content for your site.

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