Did You Know About the 7-Step Professional Content Writing Process?

professional content writing process

Any work can be accomplished through a variety of methods.  However, doing anything with the right methodology is the key to success.  Similarly, in content writing, with a large number of professional content writers, the methods also vastly vary. So having the right approach to the process will be the key to success.

You may come across many write-ups when you browse the web, but the one with a clear flow of thought will always stand out. This is because the content writing is done according to a few successful guidelines of content writing.  One successful method that many professional content writers approach is the 7-step content writing process.

Interested to know what these steps are for professional copywriting? Then read on and find out?

7-Step Content Writing Process 


First and foremost, we have to insight into what we want to achieve.  The thought is a prerequisite for action to follow.  It may be your own or one for which you are employed to write about by an organization.  An idea in content writing is the focus around which the whole write-up will revolve.

Tip – Build a central theme around a content piece and don’t digress from it.

2. Appropriate/catchy heading

An idea should now be narrowed to phrase or sentence that will make the aim for writing clear.  It has to be concise yet able to explain the general idea that it intends to display.  The heading should be attractive as it is the first thing a reader will glance through, and the viewer should be led into reading further.

Tip – Use tools provided by experts like Moz and Hubspot to improve its magnetic potential


Professional content writers suggest that it’s a good practice to prepare an outline for our idea to give more relevance and flow to the process.  This will include how we want to structure the thought.  We should always proceed from a general notion to being specific.  We should note every thought related to the idea that crosses our mind in whichever order they come for us to later arrange it orderly so that we are able to express our topic in a meaningful manner.

Tip – Once you have prepared the outline check if it all ties up nicely without an abrupt or jarring section that breaks the train of thought in the content


We have to look up other similar works to get more ideas related to what we are writing.  This will help us improve upon what we have intended to write.  Also, we have to verify facts and be sure that what we have written is accurate with any falsity.

Tip – It is important to cite sources if we are referring to a statistic or a figure. This will add more credibility (and hence, weightage) to our content


Once we have pretty much got everything on paper, we have to re-visit it again to make sure we have jotted every detail we had outlined.  This step is important because it will minimize any errors that can be corrected without proofing it thoroughly.


This is a very important step in the content writing process.  In this step, we have to go through the document for it correctness with respect to grammar, word usage, spellings, etc.  Any error in these aspects will put the reader off and discourage him from reading through the work entirely.

Tip – At Textuar, we encourage a two-step proofing technique – once we do a manual proofing. Then, another copyeditor does a tool-based proofing with tools like Grammarly.

7.Final Product

Having gone through the above steps, we finally come to the end result, a well thought, well executed piece of content writing.  Out heading and the content should be in tune to each other.  If so, we are now ready with our work.

Content writing, if done keeping in mind the above steps, will ensure our efficacy as new age professional content writers. It will also enhance the value of the written content.  It will be doing justice to the organization we cater to.

Which of these steps was missing from your content writing process? Do write to us and let us know your thoughts.

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