How To Create a Company Page on LinkedIn?

How To Create A Company Page On LinkedIn

Every brand and company should make the most out of every resource available to it out there. And one such resource is LinkedIn. It might not be seen as fun and engaging as other sites like Twitter or Facebook. But there is a reason why it’s still so relevant and why it attracts so many marketers using  content development experts for their LinkedIn company pages.

Why is LinkedIn an important social media channel?

If you are involved in any business, job, or profession, then LinkedIn is the place to be. It might not seem like the biggest of the network, but it is still a place where you can reach a global audience and expand your reach.

With 875 million users in 200 countries and about 55 million company pages, LinkedIn is the last thing you might want to ignore. It can help attract a lot of people to your company.

With this article, we will help you create the best LinkedIn company page  content that can garner the eyeballs of potential clients and help your business thrive. Keep reading to become a pro in building a good company page on LinkedIn.

Why create a LinkedIn page for your company?

Bear in mind that your company page is not just an about us section. It’s an extension of the company and the people working in it. It is a means through which you can market yourself efficiently. There are a number of reasons why you need one.

There are various benefits of creating a successful LinkedIn company page few of which are-

1- For recruiting new talent and people for your company.

2- Well-articulated LinkedIn social media content writing increases the purchase intent among people.

3- If you wish to pop into more search results, then creating a LinkedIn company page is the way to go.

4- It is a good way to market and publicize your company.

What are the tips for creating a compelling LinkedIn page?

Did you know that marketers leverage LinkedIn as a vital B2B marketing channel? This helps LinkedIn attract a revenue of USD 3.8 billion in 2021 and is expected to swell to USD 7.71 billion in 2026

1- Fill in your company details

The first thing you need to do is to go to the Interests section. It appears on the top of your LinkedIn page. From there, you can select Companies. Now click on the create button that will be on the right side of the screen. Proceed with entering the details, like the name of the company and the email address. And then proceed to fill in all your information.

This is where you can get creative and fill out the overview and give a detailed description of your company. You can put in information that makes your company stand out from the rest. This is just the start.

2- Upload a great banner and image along with good quality LinkedIn content writing

The image on your profile is one of the first things that anyone is going to notice. That is why it’s important to make the first impression a good one.

The company pages that have a profile picture are more likely to be visited often by anyone. If you are wondering what to post, it’s a no-brainer; the company profile image can be the logo of your company. The same image that you might be using on other handles can be used here too. Just resize it to fit the requirements, and poof, you are done.

Now let’s come to the profile banner. There are no rules in choosing one. Here, you can let your imagination and creativity do the work. Just resize it to the requirements of the platform. For example, a lot of company use collages as their profile banner and simple image for their profile picture.


How To Create A Company Page On LinkedIn

3- Prepare a good about us section, and it must include relevant keywords

You can use visuals to attract people but what will make them stay is words. A good and optimized about us section will be about 2000 words and written in a professional, tightly worded way that will tell the visitor everything they should know about the company.

The language used should be easy to understand and simple. They should be able to outline the ideologies and vision of your business. The end goal of a about us section is to tell people your company story and how investing in your services and products is a good idea.

The about us section should answer certain questions about your company, like who you are, what you do, where you are based, and how people can contact you. There is no ideal or set way to write an about us section. But the bottom line is it’s a window through which others can peek into your company.

4- Make sure you post your company updates 

The next step now is to post relevant content that will be interesting and engaging. You can plan a schedule that can be helpful and can interest your audience.

Your linkedin company page is not just an advertising platform. It can be a place where discussions can take place too. It can be a place where you can interact with the industry and share ideas as well.

The bottom line is engagement. This is why you should post advice, tips, or resources that are related to your industry. If the content is problem-solving, then it will be shared among people bringing in more eyes to your page.

If you are just starting out, stick to one post per day instead of posting on and on. The best time to post can be during weekday working hours.

You can also schedule your updates for the future, and this can help you save a lot of your time.


How To Create A Company Page On LinkedIn

5- Promote your page

Once you have successfully made a company page, your next time will be promoting it.

There are several ways through which can garner a following few of which include –

1- Make use of the people in your office. You can ask your employees to add the company page to their LinkedIn profile. By doing this, they can get the company updates easily and can share them with their peers at the click of a button.

2- You can promote the page by adding links in emails and newsletters.

3- You can add the LinkedIn follow button to your website to get more followers.

6- Grow your audience

There are plenty of opportunities for growth between paid ads and organic growth. You can pull a large audience to your page by making use of these tactics.

1- You can invite your community and first-degree profiles to follow you. You can target your posts to the audience that you wish to attract organically.

2- You can choose a specific location, language, region, industry, or company size, among other details. This way, you let LinkedIn direct your social media posts to the people you desire to bring in.

3- There is also paid promotion through which you can advertise your page to others.

4- You can experiment with hashtags and get yourself into the feeds. If you want to be exposed to a bigger audience, then you can comment and interact with these tags.

5- You can promote your LinkedIn page wherever you wish to! You can post about it on your social media handles, website, and newsletters. Just invite the world to your page every chance you get.

6- One important thing to do is to keep your employees in the loop. They should get every update of your company. And the content should be such that they are compelled to share it with their peers.

7- Create LinkedIn showcase pages

The LinkedIn showcase pages act as an extension of your company page. It can be used to showcase and highlight certain products or brands. If you wish to customize certain messages for your audience for different segments, you can do it here.

The showcase pages are followed by people to know more about products or brands they are interested in. which in turn means the content they will see will be something of relevance and interest, and they will interact more with it. This will increase engagement. If your company has sub-brands, products, services, or initiatives, they all can benefit a lot from a showcase page.


How To Create A Company Page On LinkedIn

8- Create a career page

Job seekers are most likely to apply to a company that has made efforts to post about its culture. You would want people to be more familiar with your company, and hence creating a career page is a great idea.

Though it is a paid feature, the LinkedIn Career Pages are the right way to showcase the culture of your company in the best light. It helps people connect to your company more. This, in turn, forms a connection with suitable candidates. They feel more compelled to apply for a job.

9- Keep the algorithm in mind

Everything is about the algorithm in today’s day and age. Like all other platforms, the algorithm of LinkedIn, too, keeps on evolving and changing. It would help if you were up to date with the current recipe of the algorithm in order to be successful. You can get some extra TLC from search engines if you follow the below-mentioned strategies-

1- You should incorporate relevant keywords naturally throughout your page and company description. Make sure that they sound natural and human.

2- Your company profile should be filled with everything. You need to ensure that you give as much content and information as you can to the search engine. It can be your company size, featured groups or address, etc. Focus on giving more fodder to the search engine.

3- You can claim a custom URL for your company page. Most of the time, the company URL is a string of random numbers, but you can also create a custom one that will be easier for the search engine to locate.

4- Ensure that you backlink to your company page. It would help if you urged your employees to mention your company’s link in their personal profile. This can create a backlink for your company.

5- Under the specialities section, you should put at least twenty areas of expertise. When people search on LinkedIn using words that are related to your expertise, business, or industry, you will have more chances to come up.

It would help if you used keywords in the vision, mission, and work you do. Adding keywords is important. This is because when people search for anything related to your industry, your company should pop up.

How To Create A Company Page On LinkedIn
How To Create A Company Page On LinkedIn

10- Compelling LinkedIn content writing

Now that you have made a successful company page, the next step would be to create engaging social media content that will bring traction to your page.

Having a solid foundation and putting in all the important information about your company is vital. Check the above image of Coca Cola LinkedIn Page. It has well-articulated content in sections like

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Posts
  4. Jobs
  5. Life
  6. People
  7. Events
  8. Videos

What really attracts people to your page is the content you post. You can post articles, engage posts, and a lot more things.

1- You can post industry-related topics and make connections with industry leaders. You can share their posts and mention them. By doing so, you are creating an opportunity for collaboration and sharing content your audience will like.

2- You can also write a well-articulated blog or create industry-related posts. This step can make you look like an expert and position your company in a good light.

3- One of the best ways to get your audience engaged is by posting questions or discussions. This can become a gateway for your audience to express their thoughts and views on a topic. You can even reply to them and create engagement. It is also a great way to do market research.

4- You can share pieces, free resources, and lead magnets you have used or created to help your clients or customers. This can also help your company come across as an expert by helping people that visit your page.

To sum it up

LinkedIn is not just a place to recruit people. It is an ideal place to make people aware of your brand and the ideologies your company stands for.

However, creating a solid LinkedIn page isn’t as easy as it might seem. A lot goes behind creating a successful company page.

The tips suggested above should help overcome the challenge of creating a solid company page via high quality LinkedIn content writing. Also, remember that you stay consistent and make necessary changes with time on your company page.

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