Planning to make your content viral? Use these tips

Tips for making content viral

If you are a content marketer, making your content go viral will be a core KPI. However, this is easier said than done. Quite unlike other ‘in- your- face’ marketing strategies, content marketing does not target direct sales. It aims at initiating conversations with your target audience and keeping them engrossed, thus taking your sales objectives forward, but in a subtle way.

An attractive and viral content can place you amidst an entire pool of potential consumers.


Here’s the catch.

Although much has been said and done about viral content marketing, the key to its success remains under covers. That is the reason that some pieces of content go viral and some fail miserably. Here’s our compilation of what makes content go viral –

  1. Say no to dictatorship

With fast-paced lives and increasing professional involvements, no reader would like to listen to long lectures on do’s and don’ts. Establishing yourself as an authority will certainly be a wrong thing to do. Make your content engaging, motivating, and inspirational. Try to emphasize on mentorship rather than dictatorship. This works particularly well for the demanding B2B segment.

  1. Empathize with target audience

The first part of this task is all about knowing your audience. Viral marketing is not just about getting your content show up everywhere. Rather it is much more about captivating the attention and winning the hearts of your target audience. You will have to empathize with them, thus identifying their interest areas.

  1. Interesting subheadings

Subheadings are somewhat similar to movie trailers. Just like a trailer, subheadings too offer a glimpse of what’s going to follow. Therefore, it won’t be wise to choose drab subheads incapable of arousing excitement and enthusiasm. Also make sure that it appears in a meaningful way so that the thought process flows smoothly.

  1. Think about the topic you would pick

DIY blogs and articles go viral within hours of posting, and that is not without reason. Be careful while framing content topics and choose the ones that offer suggestions or useful tips. Stuck for generating more ideas? Then this may help you.

  1. Build an emotional connect

Sharing personal experiences through your article will help you develop proximity and familiarity with your readers. Let them identify themselves in your personal stories. However, you must steer clear of going overboard and stay focused on your readers’ interests.

  1. Ask questions

General contents written in the traditional style will prove to be of little help in striking conversations. Try to make your contents interactive and communicative. Include questions for imparting a conversational tone to your contents.

  1. Create sound bites

It takes something truly special to hold today’s short attention span of the reader. You can create phrases or catch-lines resonating with your reader’s interests. You may also look for professional help in getting such creative  writing done from content writing company  to amazing effect.

  1. The power of conclusion

While expressing your final thoughts or conclusion, you must take special care to make it inspirational and motivational. A kick-ass conclusion will leave an indelible impression on the minds of your readers, thus providing them with the courage to take action.

  1. Bank on uniqueness

With thousands of bloggers fighting it out in the market, uniqueness seems to be the only way out, for making your blog content go viral. Let your ingenuity and uniqueness be your USP, thus making your readers come back to you.


Creating truly interesting and engrossing content will prove to be the first step towards successful viral marketing. These tips will make sure that more and more of your target audience will read your content and act upon your intended call to action.

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