To Be A Content Creator Or An Editor – Know Your Calling

content creator versus content editor

The content writing activity involves a series of steps to eventually result in higher visibility for customers. There are various processes that go behind the creation of every piece of content and it is not just the effort of the content creator that is behind each one of them. There is also an editor in the company. He checks for the quality of the draft before it is published. These two form the backbone and there is no way any successful writing will emerge without these two. But, what is the difference between being a content writer and an editor?

If we look at most of the small scale organizations providing content writing services in India, we will notice one trend. A single person doubling up as both the writer and editor. However, what you need to understand is that these are two separate jobs. There is a reason why firms providing content writing services in India opt for separate content writers and editors.

What is the difference between being a writer and editor?

Both content writers and editors need to be well conversant with the language. They have a really good knowledge of grammar and spelling. However, the similarity ends there itself.

Roles of a Content Creator

1 – Creative thinking for engrossing content

The job of a content writer is to think creatively and craft really engaging content. It is quite natural for the content creators to be emotionally involved with the entire content. This is because they put their thoughts and emotions into words.

2 – Establish a connection with target readers

There is more emphasis on the articulation of words and phrases, which will make the reader feel what the content creator is feeling. It is true that the content writer should have a good knowledge of the grammar of the language in which the content is composed. But writers often overlook these areas while composing an informative and rich content.

Roles of an editor

1 – Sole focus on the quality of content

The editor, on the other hand, is quite detached emotionally from the content. The editor’s job is to be critical and analyze the content minutely. They should keep in mind the grammatical rules and the punctuation. Editors often take pride in the ability to form perfect sentences and finding out errors in the writer’s works. It is probably one of the necessities for the job of an editor as well.

2 – Focus on publishing the right content

The editor must be able to find out every grammatical error and punctuation error. This is because the writer trusts the editor to make the entire content perfect without losing the essence.

A writer or an editor? – What is your choice?

The question is, are you more suited for the role of a writer or an editor? While this seems like a difficult choice, it is one that needs to be made. A person may be great at weaving words and comes up with fresh ideas. He may also have sound knowledge of the grammatical and technical aspects of the language. But a skilled professional can be both – a writer and an editor.

An editor might not be able to come up with such fresh, creative, and radical ideas. However, the job demands perfect technical knowledge about the language, vocabulary, structuring, and flow of thoughts. And that in itself is enough for a person to be an editor.

To conclude

Whether big or small, every organization that provides content writing services in India needs to remember that cutting costs by hiring one person for both writing and editing job will never let you scale up and provide exceptional quality content to your clients. And those who are hiring organizations providing content writing services India should check what they are signing up for and ensure that the content being delivered is proofread by a dedicated editor.

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