Top 8 Content Optimization Tips to Win Google’s Featured Snippet Box

Google featured snippet

Are you finding it difficult to build referral traffic from Google? Then, you must not be aware of the recent algorithm changes of Google – Featured Snippet Box. To increase your blog or website traffic on Google, you must closely follow Google’s frequent updates.

Obviously, everyone wants to be the #1 on Google but have you ever considered the power of being #zero i.e. going above the top-fold and featuring before the #1 ranking result?

This is the exact value proposition of Google’s Featured Snippet Box and is certainly a topic of interest for SEO content writers.

Here, in this article, we have covered the top 5 content optimization tips for ranking in Google’s featured snippet.  So, read on to learn how to adapt it.

What is Google’s Featured Snippet Box?

Google’s featured snippet box is the divine grail of rich organic search results. They are larger and more informative than standard organic search results. They are a field of information that tries their best to provide answers related to the user’s query. They appear at #0 position above even the #1 organic search positions.

Google featured snippet

Importance of Featured Snippet Box

Featured snippets are a significant part of any search engine optimization strategy. They offer much more visibility to your SEO content even if your content is ranked lower on the page. Google reads featured snippets out loud in response to voice search queries so they can help with brand recognition by leading to increased site traffic.

Tips to Optimize Your SEO Content for Featured Snippets in Search

There is no exact process to create featured snippets but you can follow the below SEO content writing tips for formatting your featured snippets.

  • Headers Play a Major Role

While optimizing content for featured snippets, your questions have to be in a <H1>, <H2>, <H3> header tags.

  • Use Paragraph Tags

Another content optimization strategy that you can use is, place the answer instantaneously after in a <p> tag. Preferably, your answers should be between 54 to 58 words long.

  • Provide Logical Answers to Questions

Ensure that the answer you provide to a particular question is clear and concise on your webpage content.  Discover related content and include them into your content to support the question it is answering. Try to offer your readers what they are actually looking for.

  • Fill Your Webpage With High-Quality Images

If you want to give Google the best graphics options for a featured snippet then use high-quality images. Even your readers will also appreciate it too.

content optimization feature snippet

  • Utilize Strong On-Page SEO

Content that appears as featured snippets in a search result is usually pulled from pages that already have a high organic search ranking. So, make use of an on-page keyword optimization to boost your webpage’s organic ranking.

  • Show That Your Page is Authoritative

Try to get as many high-quality backlinks as you can because it sends authority signals to Google and shows that your webpage is a valuable search result.

  • Target Long-Tail Keywords That Are Questioned

Most featured snippets in search results comprise information that offers an answer to a question. So try to create evergreen content that targets long-tail keyword phrases that start with what is, how to, why is.

  • Format Information in a List or make Use of a Table Structure

If you want to increase your chance of showing as a table featured snippet then create your content structure in a table format by using <table> tag. If you want to increase your chance of appearing as a list featured snippet then outline your content in a list format.


In summary, when your web pages emerge as featured snippets in Google search results, it will considerably increase click-through rates and drive more organic traffic to your website.  So, if you are intended to drive more traffic to your website then use the above-discussed tips and tricks for content optimization.

Of course, your webpage will not get featured overnight. It will take time and require thorough planning and research. Although, it’s not sure when will you see the desired outcomes; maybe you won’t be able to land your content in this spot( Google’s featured snippet box) but by following the above tips you will be definitely able to create super sharable content for long-term organic SEO results.

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