5 Proven Ways to Use Existing SEO Content

Use existing SEO content to boost site traffic

Every company wants to promote its business online to gain more visibility. This, in turn, propels their expansion and growth. More and more companies are investing in professional content writing services to restore their existing SEO content and blog posts. Such re-purposing of content will help to increase site traffic and be on the top rank in the SEO search.

How to use existing content to boost SEO content rankings?

Repurposing of the content may seem like a good option over creating a whole new content for the website. It would seem easier to use the existing evergreen content to increase the traffic on any website.

Use existing SEO content to boost site traffic

Here are a few ways to increase website traffic using the existing content.

1 –  Improvise the SEO content format

When the existing content is not getting the desired highlights, an effective solution would be to change the format of the content. This can be easily done with the help of a professional content writing for SEO and improve the visibility and ranking of the site with SEO optimized content.

So, your videos can be repurposed to a blog, a blog can be converted to a listicle, a video can also be transformed to an infographic (with some research on the key data around the topic)

This technique requires less work as compared to creating something from scratch. All it needs is a little hard work and research on how to work with SEO and great good content.

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2 – Make it long form content

Everyone loves to read good content. If you get in-depth information on solving a particular business/ personal problem, you will view the site as an authoritative one. Even Google loves authority websites and rewards it with higher SERP rankings and better competitive positioning on Google research results page.

Long-form content (between 1200 to 2000 words) allows you to add more value to a central theme. The trend was to publish between 350 to 600 words in 2013. So if you have a 2013 blog that is applicable even today, then it makes sense to convert it to a long form content. Since such content will be of high quality, it will easily outrank the competition for the same keyword.

While we may think that people won’t have time to read such content, the statistics is contradictory! Buzzsumo states that content with less than 1000 words got around 4,800 shares on Facebook while 3,000 – 10,000 word content got a staggering 8,859 shares! This stat depicts the immense importance of long-form content. How good it would be if you got this advantage from your existing content itself?

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3 – Upgrade the SEO content for current trends

It is important to upgrade the content through content writing services and make it in a way that highlights the essential information. In this way, the user does not have to strain or invest a lot of time in searching for materials where they can access this information that is highlighted and displayed on their web search.

For example, if you published a blog “Top SEO trends of 2018”, and now want to write on “Top SEO trends of 2020”, you can repurpose the same blog. All you need to do is retain evergreen topics like link building and add newer topics (for e.g. growing influence of visual search on SEO)

With the changing trend, it is essential to be on top when it comes to displaying the content. Using different graphics techniques, styles, to make the important point pop so that it catches the eye of the viewer.

4 – Use Similar Theme for Guest Posts

Using similar themes of existing content and re-writing it for guest posts is one of the most common tactics used by companies to promote their business. It allows the business owner to publish their content on someone else’s website or blog. This helps in expanding their audience and widening their reach. It is a great way to connect with different audiences and understand their likes and dislikes. Make sure to do a thorough plagiarism check to ensure there is no duplication of content.

5 – Target similar strings of long tail keywords

Long tail keywords account for 70% of all search queries. Professional blog writers use them to outrank the competition and perform better than single word terms. When re-purposing the content, you can see if some words can be replaced with others in the content to improve its SEO prospects. So if your 2017 blog keyword focused on Virtual reality, you can see some trending topics for 2019 like virtual reality in gaming, best VR headsets, and best VR games of 2019. They will bring back the relevance to the content and help it rank better.


SEO content writing has made it convenient for any business owner to gain recognition and increase traffic on their website. With the help of existing content, you can gain immense traction to keep yielding outcomes and gain big on Google rankings.

As a rule of thumb make sure to check on blogs older than four months and see if new text can be added to make it relevant and meaningful to the current times.

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