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snackable content

Summary: If social media is a significant revenue driver for your business, then you definitely have to explore the world of snackable content. Check out some great tools and examples of snackable content in action.

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“Google loves long and in-depth content pieces,” say most content marketers, including Neil Patel.

But if that’s the case, then how come Twitter enjoys more than 300 million unique visitors every month with its 280 character limit?

What about other content platforms like Pinterest, Vine, and Instagram, which are more focused towards graphical content than written text, but still manage to get millions of visitors every single day?

The answer is the emerging popularity of snackable content.

Small bytes vs long form

With time, the user preferences are changing. Unlike old days, now they are more interested in reading, sharing and re-sharing content that’s short, crispy and most importantly visually appealing.

It doesn’t mean that in-depth content has lost its importance to content that appeals to both Google and people. It’s still Google’s favorite, but user preferences have changed. They have started liking snackable content.

Snackable content = Content which is short, easy to read, visually engaging, and shareable.

As we move well into 2017, you definitely ought to check out snackable content if you are committed to creating content that gets maximum engagement.

Sounds interesting?

Should you be ready to sail this boat, here are a few ways through which you can create snackable content and start reaping its benefits-

  1. Vine

Shooting a 5-minute video might seem a long haul, but what about a six-second clip? Vine is a Twitter-owned video sharing app that allows users to watch and share looping six-second-long video clips. Many brands have started using Vine and are experiencing amazing results. Make sure you don’t miss out this opportunity.

Here is a sneak peak into what you can do on Vine.

  1. GIFs

Though GIF have been around since 1987, it is only recently that they have come up as a rage in designing snackable content. Because of its witty appeal, it has become one of the most shareable content formats now. Not to mention, Facebook and WhatsApp have integrated GIF in their messenger platforms for a reason, which is but its rising popularity among users of all age groups.

Lifehacker has a great article on how to create GIFs from scratch.

  1. Memes

From Cats to Trump, you can find memes about every trending topic or personality online. So, next time if you want to create a viral post, try giving a shot to memes and see the magic taking place.

Here is how you can create memes that last long in your readers’ minds.

  1. Infographics

There is hardly anyone who has been exploring the web for some time and has never heard of infographics. These are one of the best weapons for internet marketers to attract tens of thousands of organic page views from the search engines and social media sites.

Do check out this link for a goldmine of resources to use for creating infographics.

  1. Images

Pinterest is solely dependent on graphical content, yet it has a user base of more than 100 million. More so, the valuation of Pinterest goes past $11 billion. Pinterest is not alone when it comes to building an image-centric billion-dollar business. Instagram is another social media content platform that gets over 100 million page views and is getting bigger and bigger with time.

Before we leave

So, if you want to go with the flow and create viral content that users like to read, share and re-share with their friends and followers on different platforms, then the snackable content is your best shot. Use the ways and platforms mentioned here and attract millions of users online.

Have any suggestion, feedback or opinion about snackable content? Share it with us in the comments section.

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