How to Use Social Media Content Writing Successfully?

How to Use Social Media Content Writing

Behind every successful web presence, there is excellent social media content writing powering up brand visibility. A simple tweet does not remain as simple, once it catches the attention of netizens.

This USP of viral marketing is possible with excellent social media content writing. And this is what should be the aim of every entrepreneur who is active on social media sites. 

Planning is the key to quality social media content writing

Good content in social media posts is the key to go to places, online and offline. 

For this, the following helps

a – A plan

With a plan in place, all your tweets, posts, and ads need not be a challenge anymore. Your plan will help you deliver what you want to, in the way you want. 

b– Being social 

By being social, you can always put your best profile forward to make an impression where and when it matters the most.

How to Use Social Media Content Writing

How to ensure a winning social media content writing strategy?

1 – Define the Purpose of the Content 

Outline your goals and objectives, which you intend to accomplish by putting all your force behind an active social presence. Such well-consulted goals have a better potential for success. 

Your goals have to raise the bar for your business and grip the pulse of millions. This way, it pulls in loyal patrons. 

Sprout Social lists these as the key goals for social media marketing 

a. Increase brand awareness

b. Lead generation

c. Increase community engagement 

d. Increase web traffic 


Depending on these goals, you need to frame an appropriate social media plan. For example, if you need more web traffic, then your post needs to redirect users from the post to your website.

2 – A Riveting Story Holds Users Attention… Always!

Everybody loves a good, exciting story. Publish yours where more and more people can read it and connect with you and your brand. 

The gripping narration will be impactful only if you use the right social media channels. For B2C audience, Facebook and Instagram will be great picks. It is better to target Twitter and LinkedIn for thought leadership content geared towards the B2B audience.

Post where your target audience resides, and you will have a better likelihood of success. 

3 – Garner More Attention with Events and Offers

People take to social media when they hear about upcoming events, like sales, festival offers, and holiday specials. So keep your eyes and ears open and plan a campaign with sales promotion as the focus. 

Go to the content calendar and plan out the schedules. This way, you can line up events that fit in with social times when people throng to the social sites to hunt for offers. 

4 – Use of Hashtags 

Once you have devised the complete timetable for the twelve months, indulge in research. Using hashtags on your Twitter and Instagram posts will take you places and also define your efforts into success or not. Using hashtags is an assurance that your posts are spread far and wide, where it matters the most – in front of your key audience. 

For example, an online training course in digital marketing in San Jose can use these tags on Facebook #sanjose #digitalmarketing #onlinetraning 

These hashtags highlight specific campaigns or posts your followers or target audience might be interested in. Check this educational post on using Instagram hashtags smartly.

5 – Prepare Well for Quality Social Media Content Writing

Content is defined by the creativity, imagination, ideas, flow, and the right voice. Set aside enough time to deliver content that carries the right language and quality to set the tone. 

a. Connect with the audience on an emotional level

b. Cover only those solutions that can address their pain points

c. Use the language they are accustomed to.

For example, the catchy and witty language targeting teens on Facebook will be way different from the concise points covered in a LinkedIn post for CEOs

d. All your social interactions need to have a consistent voice.

For example, KFC may have zany posts and captions. But these same phrases may not go down well if the brand is a cloud computing business offering solutions to business owners. 

e. Keep it short, precise and ensure readability that aligns with an eighth-grade student.

f. Use images to allow users to halt when scrolling by on their smartphones.


6 – Multiple Drafts is the Norm in Social Media Content Writing

No great writing comes accurate in the first attempt. Don’t let the attempts stop you with one more try. Go on. Your first tweet may not be outstanding. But finesse will come with trials and errors. 

How to use Social media content writing

7 – Publish at the Right Time

With planning, you can create a bank of content ready for posting on social media. When you have time on hand, you can schedule your posts. Mark the days when users are most likely to engage the most.  

Here is an interesting analysis of the best time to post on various social media channels.


8 – Run a Grammarly check 

Grammar is all about using good words and placing them in their right places. Using Grammarly tool will help you polish your work thanks to its excellent suggestions. 

The best content writing companies use Grammarly for QA of the social media content. This step ensures your content as it should be, clear, concise, correct, and catchy. 

Whatever the form of writing you use – a social media post, a novel, a review, Grammarly will help. It ensures that your content hits the target with its unique suggestions and editing capabilities. 


9 – Take a Final Look Before Posting

Take a good look at your post. Check for typing errors, the intended message, user interest, and a call to action. If you inadvertently send a post with errors or typos, it can send a wrong message about your capabilities. This issue can erode the trust you have built over time. It can also result in a social media catastrophe with users poking fun at the typo. 


Signing off

First, it was a friend, now there’s a network of friends and followers for a brand. And all this is due to the overwhelming presence of social media. It drives business visibility to the next level. 

Well-articulated social media content writing will truly propel your presence online. It gives you a chance to hook readers and tap into their networks. This way, social media content can unlock phenomenal business opportunities for you. 

The use of content can bind your audience to your brand. All it needs is consistent quality and a language that users understand. Call us at Textuar to get consistently high-quality social media content writing done to improve your brand presence and get a higher volume of shares, retweets, comments, and likes.

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