SEO Content Writing – 6 Mistakes & How to Avoid Them in 2020

SEO Content Writing Mistakes

Do you provide SEO content writing services for digital businesses?

Or are you planning to launch a content writing company?

Either way, you are in the right place.

Content marketing is indeed the most effective way to get more organic traffic to your business.

SEMrush’s 2020 report on content marketing showed that content can be a valuable success driver for core KRAs. These include metrics like organic traffic, leads and pageviews. You might not know, but 90% of businesses choose to market using content.


Because 60% of people cite buying a product after they read a blog about it.


All these stats may motivate you even further to offer a bigger volume of content writing. But wait! Don’t rush into it. A piece of content can get you traffic, views, and sales provided that it is effective. Content writers can achieve this USP by doing the right thing in content creation and avoid costly mistakes.

Below are the six common mistakes you should avoid for SEO content writing in 2020.

Mistake#1 – Choosing topics that don’t interest the readers 

The first thing you should do before writing is learning about your audience. You must take some time off and figure out who your audience is.

It’s not that difficult to recognize your audience. Yes, it takes time to learn what your audiences like to read. But you can get some topic ideas from established blogs in your niche.

The best way to find a topic is to consider things that are useful to your target audience. Asking yourself these questions can help you find the topic.

1 – What information can you provide through your blog that will be helpful for readers?

2 – What problem your blog intends to solve that readers might be facing?

3 – Does your content provide unique, fresh, and compelling insight to address a particular problem?

Creating captivating content is a delicate process. Here, you try matching the topic you want to write about with the needs of your readers.

So you must see how you can provide value to others through your writing. When you choose a topic, your readers care about, you will see your web traffic going up in no time.

Mistake#2  – Forgetting to outline your content before you write 

You might recall those school days when teachers would ask you to create an outline before writing essays. Well, as we grow up, most people tend to forget the fundamentals of writing.

People often get too worked up about writing that they forget the crucial step itself. Note that when you create an outline, it helps you track your writing process.

Even better, it gives a clear direction to your SEO content writing. It helps you recognize and remove the unnecessary elements from your content. In other words, it enables you to stay focused on the main topic and produce quality content from start to finish.

Do you want to know how to create a killer outline? It’s easy; you can accomplish it by following these steps below.

  • Figure out the main takeaway to your reader. Decide whether your blog is a tutorial, checklist, interview, reviews, etc.
  • Come up with a clever headline
  • Consider every question you want to answer through your blog
  • Divide your blog post into chunks, say, an intro, part 1, part 2, conclusion
  • Insert relevant data, studies
  • Revise your outline and trim it if needed
  • Start writing and stick to your outline to create a perfect blog

Mistake#3 – Writing and publishing blogs irregularly 

The more time you invest from your schedule, the more often you will be able to write and publish. Some people post a blog one in a month. And some do it daily, while some people post it weekly.

You might be the only contributor to your blog. In such a case, you might not be able to post multiple times in a day like a professional publication. But you can consider writing once or a few times a week.

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Here are a few reasons you should write regularly and avoid this blogging mistake.

  • You get better at blogging. If you write only a few times in a year, there’s no way you will improve your skill. But, writing consistently does help you excel in your art.
  • You get insights from your audience. If you consistently produce content, you will know what your audience likes to read. If you don’t write often, you can’t say what topics tug at the hearts of readers. And you might end up writing content for wrong readers.
  • Your Google rankings go up. High-quality content indeed boosts your visibility. Also, when you publish a great volume of smaller content, you surely improve your rankings. Remember, consistency is the key here.

If you aren’t able to devote time to content writing regularly, don’t worry. You can outsource the process to experienced content writing companies like Textuar. They can ensure to create a large volume of superior quality and riveting content in a quick time.

This way, you can fulfill your marketing goal. You get business from organic traffic. Your brand visibility too improves due to the higher SERP rankings.

Mistake#4 – Not researching your topics for SEO content writing

You might be a professional in your field. And you may already have significant knowledge about your niche. But you should never underestimate how effective your blog becomes with thorough research. In-depth research is something that will put you above your competition. When you don’t research, you’re also affecting the trust readers have on you.

For example, say you blog about health care and well-being products. You must stay updated with new products in the market, their ingredients. You should keep a tab on new effective ways of improving health and so on.

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You may be able to get traffic to your blog using some SEO techniques. But, keep in mind that Google keeps changing its search algorithms frequently. So what might be working for you now, it won’t work next year.

Deep research is something that always keeps you relevant to your readers. If you put out a high-quality, well-researched blog post, people will undoubtedly keep coming.

SEO Content Writing Mistakes

Mistake#5 – Ignoring the SEO best practices in content writing

Search engine optimization is the most effective way of getting traffic to your blog. If you’re not incorporating SEO practices, you are making a big mistake.

You should know that a whopping 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. When people put a relevant query in the search engine, they should find your blog in the search results.

And how do you make that happen?

SEO is the answer.

You should be using SEO techniques. And you also need to put out easily digestible content for search engines that improve readability and boost SEO rankings. Otherwise, you risk losing massive traffic to your website.

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Below are some SEO best practices you need to follow:

  • One strategy to increase site traffic is to conduct keyword research. This way, you can include quality keywords in your writing
  • It helps when you learn the user intent behind their query. It helps you craft more compelling content
  • You will be getting a lot more traffic if you learn how to create a compelling blog headline. It should be SEO friendly. It should attract also readers enough to click on it
  • Keep in mind to use internal links throughout your blog post. But outbound links matter too. Experts say that such external links lead to more site traffic.
  • A carefully crafted meta description can help you rank better. It will improve your CTR too. So learn to write a compelling one
  • You should optimize your page URL


Mistake#6 – Not promoting your blog on social media 

Yes, social media can be an unreliable traffic source. This is because its algorithm keeps changing now and then. Earlier, social media was capable of giving you lots of free traffic. Nowadays, it’s not as easy to get traffic through platforms. This is applicable to sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. But, all these don’t mean you should ignore social media altogether.

You can still use social media to get significant traffic towards your blog. When your blog is new, social media is a great way to get your first readers. The first thing you should do is establish an attractive social media presence. You should choose platforms that your potential audience uses.

When you choose the right platform, you can dramatically increase the organic traffic to your blog. People tend to use social media abundantly. And thus, it’s easy to get traffic from it.

Additionally, social media makes you reachable to the people. They can direct message or comment on your posts, etc. Most of all, the platform is free. And you can build a great relationship with your readers using social media.

Final thoughts

Those were the six mistakes you should avoid for SEO content writing in 2020. For every dollar you spend on content marketing, you are likely to get 3x more leads than traditional marketing. So, you may be investing valuable resources in content writing services. But make sure you get it right with every piece of content. Avoid these 6 mistakes. This way, your blog can become highly effective. It will compel readers to read. It will also attract them to act on the call to action.

Do you need such a captivating piece of content delivered frequently?

Does your brand feature content as one of the key digital marketing success factors?

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