SEO content Writing trends 2019

SEO content writing trends 2019

Digital marketing is in a constant state of evolution. Innovative SEO content writing trends, changing Google algorithms, and shift in the marketers’ way of working will herald a shift in digital marketing and SEO as we know it.

Company owners are leaving no stone unturned to come up with an impactful blog that targets the right audience and drives desired results as well. Things are already getting eventful and 2019 promises a substantial leap in terms of digital marketing and online business. Take for instance, the total dominance of mobile optimized SEO practices over desktop SEO. Along with this there are many other factors pertaining to content writing for SEO. Let’s look at a few such influential factors that will shape up SEO content writing trends in 2019.

  1. Al to change keyword research

In the coming time, voice search is predicted to rule the internet world. So, AI (Artificial intelligence) will actually alter the current keyword searching techniques. People are already referring to Siri, Alexa and other voice apps for personal assistance. The queries are usually day to day based ones like, ’Where can I get good velvet cushions nearby?’ or ‘Please call my grocery store!’etc. The content writing will now move to long tail and phrase-based queries rather than 1 or 2 word queries.

Tip – Familiarize yourself with long tail content and how it can be harnessed to make keyword research better for SEO content writing

  1. Amazon to rule

Experts proclaim Amazon to be the new Google. In the present scenario, almost 70 % people log in and search goods and services, each day, using Amazon as the chief search engine tool. Every day, thousands click on Amazon search bar to scan or buy daily utility products such as food, clothing etc. Therefore, keeping in mind, the consumer’s needs online business owners’ need to brush up their marketing strategies that may boost the sales in the fast-growing competitive virtual world.

Tip – Check out best practices in writing Amazon product descriptions that captivates buyer attention.

SEO content writing trends 2019

  1. Blockchain option

Blockchain is giving total control for content creators over the intellectual property. Using distributed and decentralized ledger architecture, SEO content creators can determine whom to share content with and how to accept payment for the same. Just like Binded uses Blockchain to protect copyright behind images, work will go on to see how it can be replicated for text content.

TipGet innovative ideas that tie up content creation with Blockchain

  1. Great quality SEO content

Google will continue to place great emphasis on good quality meaningful content developed for the readers. The basic architecture of web bots powering the search engine remains the same – check the text matter developed by expert SEO content writers. This helps the bots to check for relevance of the page to the search query.

Tip – SEO content writers need to focus on readability of the content for humans rather than making it overly optimized for keywords

  1. Technically accurate websites

In near future, websites are going to be more user-friendly, technically accurate, well contented and illustrated. This will result in a big boost to the ongoing competition in the virtual world. Thus, business owners need to buckle their shoes and present a good effective website that should rightly cater to the needs of the audience.

To sum up

To sum this up, 2019 is going to be a revolutionary year, that will witness great virtual amendments and new concepts that the internet will adopt in terms of SEO. Stay tuned as we at Textuar continue bring more such exciting trends around the content.

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