Why Website Copywriters are Needed to Avoid Grammatical Mistakes on Website

website copywriters avoid grammatical mistakes

Content consumers in the digital age want to come across different marketing pitches like blogs and website content. They appreciate content that is informative, engaging, and error-free.

As a brand owner you need to be mindful of the importance of grammar and typos in your website copy.

Let’s check some stats in this context

  • A 2011 BBC interview showed that a single typo had cut a UK brand’s value of sales per site visitor by a whopping 50%!
  • 42% of the 1003 respondents of another London survey said that they would be most influenced to rethink their purchase decision due to a grammatical error.
  • A report from Real Business states that at least 59% of adults abandon websites with poor grammar and spelling issues.
  • Another report from MarketingProfs suggest that 97% of consumers believe that grammatical errors affect their impressions of businesses and persons.

Customers who come across syntax and language errors in ads, web copy, blogs, articles, or social media promotions, may find it annoying. They may reconsider purchase decisions with that particular brand.

That’s the power of language and communication.


How Grammar Misses Impact Your Bottom Lines?

As seen from the above insights, grammatical and syntactical errors in your brand messages can affect your brand’s image. This issue inflicts severe blows to the bottom lines.

No matter how large or small, any business will operate based on text communication.

You see blogs, website content, articles, press releases, guest posts. Website copywriters use these examples of text content as a medium to communicate with potential customers.

So, you simply cannot falter when you communicate your USP to your target audience.

As a result, it’s critical to realize that business grammar impacts your image. That is why we’ve compiled this comprehensive look at how grammar can equally benefit and inhibit you, and how important it is for SEO. 

Why is Grammar Important?

Grammatical flaws have a detrimental impact on your brand’s image. But it gets worse: they also show that individuals who notice your errors may see you as less competent.

Most of the times, one-third of potential clients are lost due to something that could be easily solved by hiring an efficient website copywriter. You may believe that rejecting a company because of a grammatical mistake is absurd. On the other hand, minor errors might create a lot of worry for someone who pays attention to grammar. Is that something you’re willing to take a chance on?

Why Website Copywriters Focus So Much on Grammar?

1 – Making a Good First Impression

There’s no denying the power of the first impression.

What do you want potential clients or recruits to see when they come to your office? Obviously, a well-maintained office that leaves a superb impression on their minds.

The same goes for Google searchers who are directed to your site for the first time.

If they see a top-notch copy, they will definitely be intrigued about your professionalism.

On the other hand, let’s assume they see a web copy riddled with typos and grammar misses. Their first impression will be “umm, the brand doesn’t seem serious enough about its image”

Your target customers research on different companies before deciding to send business enquiries to one of them.

So, the first impression they get about your brand leaves an indelible image in their minds.

Now consider the situation, and take into account all of the people that visit your website.

That is why website copywriters pay meticulous attention to detail in their content. Good grammar boosts a person’s or company’s confidence, whereas typo-riddled content raises uncertainty.

Double-checking each word takes time, effort, and work, but web content writers know that it’s well worth it. It will show your potential clients that you put the same time and effort into whatever you are trying to sell.

2 – Influences Credibility

When a visitor visits your website or social media platforms, it takes eight seconds to catch their attention. A spelling error must not mar a user’s first impression. Would-be clients may lose trust in your brand if your website has errors in spelling and punctuation.

Consider this for a moment.

How do you feel when you visit a company’s website and discover it packed with typographic, lexical, or grammatical problems?

If you’re like most people, you’ll probably ignore that site and go on to the next, which may be disastrous for the company’s long-term sustainability.


Because they don’t have faith in the company’s ability to give high-quality service. Take the effort to hire a website copywriter to identify effective editing and proofreading strategies to prevent alienating potential consumers.

3 – Enhances Website SEO

Grammatical mistakes create havoc with your SEO efforts. They cause you to lose immediate traffic and engagement, and harm your SEO strategies. Sites with typos have a far less attention-grabbing capacity.

This means that the visitor closes the browser of such a site faster than others.

The length of time visitors spends on your website influences SEO. If this period is too short, your site may be written off as untrustworthy or low-quality.

This will lower your website’s rating, resulting in even less traffic to your linguistically challenged website.

In a nutshell, spelling errors can lead you to lose page rank and be outranked by your competitors’ search engine results pages.

What Methods Helps Ensure that Your Content is Free from Grammar Misses

Make sure your company isn’t making the same mistakes. It’s good to develop these habits to guarantee that you’re producing spotless, high-quality copy that attracts rather than repelling people.

You’re likely curious about how many language issues your website has at this stage. Most organizations don’t have in-house website copywriters to ensure that their writing is flawless. Hence, the below actionable tips will help you.

Here are a few quick adjustments you can ensure high quality website copywriting:

–         Check, check, and check

Request that someone else read your content and provide criticism. It might be a coworker, spouse, or even you.

Take a break from anything secret if you’re working on it for a few hours. You’ll most likely spot errors and suggest improvements when you return to them later.

–         Proofread

It’s a good idea to look over all of your written content again and again before publishing it. It is impossible to hurry with good writing.

Always set aside sometime after your report to go over your work and make sure everything is in order.

Read more – Why the Best Content Writing Companies Use Grammarly for QA?

–         Social media shouldn’t be ignored

Although social media sites have a more relaxed message style, this does not imply you should relax your QC procedure.

Make it a practice to proofread all written content on social media. It will make it simpler to spot errors before publication — regardless of platform.

–         Employ professional website copywriters

You will find it difficult to promote your company as a competent expert if your web copy has grammar mistakes. A website full of typos and language errors undermines your credibility as an industry authority.

If grammar and spelling aren’t your strong point, delegate it to an expert. Get your content reviewed by a professional website copywriter. She will do all the QC checks for a high-quality article.

This step will more than pay for itself if it means keeping website visitors engaged and converting them into customers.

To Summarize

We’ve all made mistakes with our language and spelling. After all, it’s human. But to publish such spelling and grammar mistakes reflects poorly on your brand credibility.

This is why you need to hire a website copywriter. She is tasked with being more meticulous with polishing your proofreading abilities.

This step will help improve your website’s SEO ranking. It also enhances the overall consumer experience to convert more potential prospects into clients.

Nobody wants to hand over their hard-earned cash to someone who doesn’t appear to care enough to proofread their work. It is best to hire website copywriters from Textuar to get high quality content on your site.

Get in touch with our website copywriters to make your content a lead generation magnet for your online business.

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