6 Steps for Article Quality Check

article quality check

The process of quality article writing doesn’t get over till the content passes a few parameters. The article writer needs to carry out all these steps as a non-negotiable part of the overall execution of the content project.

What is quality check in article writing?

Article writing elevates brand equity and credibility in front of two key entities –

  • The target audience (readers)
  • The search engine

Quality content is one which is engaging, compelling, and keeps the readers hooked.

Your article needs to fulfil a few objectives to ensure that these goals are met

  • They need to provide sufficient depth in information
  • Their impactful narrative needs to provide an enjoyable reading experience
  • They should be optimized for SEO

Checking the quality entails determining if the article content actually performs on these three critical benchmarks of content writing.

article content quality check

Why is quality check needed in article writing?

QC on articles enables the below advantages –

1 – Quality content helps connect with the right audience

An article writer drafts a compelling article based on the target audience who is likely to read the content. The presence of depth in the content means that the writer has covered the topic in depth. As a result, the reader will find the article worth his time.

A good quality article acts like a lead magnet. Hence, it offers inedible business value to brands embracing article writing for SEO. The well-written content will help the potential customers to stick for longer on the site. It helps decrease bounce rate and accelerate customer journey towards conversion.

2 – High quality article writing build brand authority

Valuable content is a stepping stone to building brand authority in front of the target readers. The content provides information in detail. As a result, the reader need not go anywhere else to find more information. All information will be provided on the brand blog page itself.

This way, the readers perceive the brand to be an authoritative figure in its industry. When such a perception emerges, the target reader is satisfied. She has no problem engaging in conversations and transactions as a customer.

3 – It is instantly shareable

If the user finds the content to be of high quality, she is more likely to share it in her network. This action triggered by high quality article writing will further spread brand visibility to a wider set of eyeballs.

4 – High quality content writing propels SEO goals

All types of content work elevate the revenue-generating capabilities of the digital business. With quality content, the brand’s SEO goals are met faster. Google bots check the keyword-rich content and deem it relevant to the search query.

Hence, the blog page gets elevated to first-page ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). This action helps the brand to captivate the attention of a wider base of potential customers.


What are the steps for quality check in quality article writing?

Step 1 – Brand consistency in article writing

Your brand creates various forms of content assets as per their overall digital marketing plan. They might have an objective to be met with quality article writing.

For example, they might want to keep the tone of conversation casual or formal as per their other content assets. A good quality article needs to have words that align with other content formats for the brand.

Step 2 – SEO optimization

Quality content makes it easy to be discovered by the target audience during their Google searches. A well-articulated and keyword-rich article infuses the right number of keywords. These keywords appear in a non-forced and organic manner in the content.

When Google indexes this page, it finds high quality information and considers it good enough to be pushed to first 10 organic results. And it is in this hallowed position that brands find the biggest chunk of business online.

Step 3 – Readability

Whether you are doing article writing in-house or outsourcing to a content writing team , one thing remains consistent. You simply cannot compromise on the readability front.

At Textuar, we have covered a lot of ground with helpful blogs on readability. You can refer to them to see why readability is important for content writing. If you haven’t been factoring in readability, then we recommend you to do it right now.

Step 4 – Checks for typos and grammar

This one is fairly easy for proficient article writers to check for. But the bad news here is that it is one of the worst ways to create a dent in your reputation as an experienced content writer. It is best to take adequate time out to check for each and every grammar miss often made by article writers.

Step 5 – Plagiarism checks

While there are many myths around content plagiarism, one fact remains true. Duplicate content will definitely hurt your SEO. As an article writer, you need to do everything you can to improve your client’s SEO rankings. And this can happen only when you deliver original and unique content. Hence, you need to ensure that your content is not appearing as plagiarized anywhere on the Internet.

Tools like Grammarly premium will help you detect plagiarism.

Some article writers go the lazy way and do a patch work. They add synonyms of one or two words here and there.

Let’s take an example.

Original blog content – “Users are more inclined to leave your website if your content is difficult to follow or understand. “

Lazy plagiarized content – “Users will be more inclined to close your site if the content cannot be comprehended or understood.”

See how every part of the plagiarized sentence is same as original content? This is lazy writing at its worst.

Remember – this is not a white hat approach of quality article writing.

Your intent behind the content is not to do a lazy job of article writing. Your content should work towards offering helpful and genuinely valuable information to the targeted readers.

Step 6 – Pre-delivery sanity checks

Now your blog is polished enough to be delivered to the client. But hold on. Don’t just click on the ‘send’ button yet. There are some quick checks to ensure that your client is satisfied with the way the files have been received on her mailbox.

  1. First, you should see that you are replying to the appropriate message. With multiple article writing projects running concurrently, it is best to do a quick check on this front.
  2. Then, see if all files are actually attached. Sometimes, Outlook has a tendency of attaching one less file when we do a batch attachment of files to an email
  3. Ideally, it should be a reply-all (not a reply) to the same group that sends the article writing briefing for a project. If you are removing one or two members, you need to be ready with a justification on why you are doing so.
  4. Check if you are delivering on or before the ETA of the project

To sum it up

High quality article writing needs to abide by these quality check steps before publishing. With these steps, writers can ensure valuable content that delights people as well as Google. It also enables a delightful publishing experience for the brands that need content from professional article writers.

If you too need such quality content that performs well on these quality benchmarks, then connect with Textuar. Our article writing service offers compelling content that delivers immense value to the readers, thus giving traction to engagement and conversions,

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