Why Is It Good to Hire an SEO Content Writer in 2022?

Hire an SEO content Writer

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) was a fairly simple process in the distant past, and companies could do it by themselves, provided they had a basic knowledge of the internet.

All they had to do was fill in their websites with keywords conjuring up backlinks. Lo and behold! It was a breeze getting top positions on search engines.

Cut to 2022, SEO has evolved significantly… and become more challenging.

And this is where SEO content writing comes to the fore.

The Need for SEO Content Writing Expertise

Today the scenario is quite complicated and time-consuming. Top search engines are changing search algorithms constantly. This fact makes it more difficult than ever for companies to rank high and get site traffic.

Many of the tactics that worked quite well back previously will now be useless. Improper SEO content writing techniques like keyword stuffing and plagiarised content can also result in heavy penalties by Google.

Fair enough to say that it isn’t something that companies can manage to do in-house anymore. Hiring an SEO content writer is not just a ‘good-to-have’. It has now evolved to be a ‘must-have’.


Why does Professional SEO Content Writing Skill Work in Your Favour?

This post shows you the business advantages of enlisting the services of SEO content writing professionals.

1 – Adapt to the Constantly Changing Search Engine Algorithms

Whenever you search for things on the search engine, your results are driven by algorithms.

These are complex formulas that are decided based on a host of factors. What’s more, they are constantly updated at regular intervals.

All the big search engines are rolling out new updates. Especially Google, which has a robust review policy and regularly updates its search algorithms.

Such constant changes can be very volatile in terms of search results and ranking. One day, you might be fairly high on page one. But on other days, you could end up in anonymity on page six or ten of the search results.

SEO content writers can implement these strategies –

1 – Write content as per search intent
2 – Write fresh and original content
3 – Use keywords as per acceptable density of 2% of total wordcount

2 – SEO Content Writing Experience with Similar Brands

SEO content writing companies work with many clients and in different industries. They have expertise in the field. This USP helps them be aware of what strategies work better for what type of business.

They have gone through the trial-and-error phase for your industry. As a result, they can leverage their knowledge through rigorous tests to understand what tactics work best. This places them ahead of the curve on what factors drive results.

For example, a skilled SEO content writing company will utilise these tactics.
1 – Experience in client domain
2 – Write content as per target readers (either B2B or B2C)
3 – Choose vocabulary, tonality, sentence structuring as per target audience
4 – Factor in easy readability

With these steps, the content writing agency can help your brand rise to the top of SERPs.

SEO Content writer 2022

3 – Expert Application of Keywords in Content

SEO is all about optimising your website content with the most appropriate and effective keywords. This tactic helps your website rank higher on the results page quicker. It also helps gather more search engine traffic.

Search engines use AI-based algorithms to rank the web pages based on their keyword optimisation automatically.

Google specifies in its quality guidelines that unnatural inclusion of keywords would lead to a negative user experience.

An expert SEO content writer will be up-to-date with the latest keyword trends. They will follow these optimisation techniques

1 – Add long tail keywords
2 – Use keyword sparsely. Spread it across the content, instead of all keywords in just paragraph
3 – Weave keywords organically so that it doesn’t look forced or stuffed
4 – Check high ranking competitors to see how they use keywords to get a ranking boost

4 – Drives Sales and Revenue

The whole point of optimizing your website is to improve your client base and increase revenue. However, it is worth reinforcing that with the online market growing exponentially, an SEO content professional can ensure that you can get your share of the pie.

According to a BrightEdge research, 40% of all online revenue comes through search engines. Also, search engines create more than 53% of all internet traffic.

On average, those businesses that are ranked on the #1 spot on the first page of search results get more than 1/3rd of all the clicks.

A professional SEO content writing agency can help you target the top spot in the results. They can impact bottom lines with tactics like

1 – Conformance to EAT principles
2 – Use relevant internal linking
3 – Authoritative content especially for B2B domain

SEO leads were shown to have 8x more probability of closing leads generated than outbound marketing campaigns. This shows why an SEO content writer is crucial to your online business success.

To sum it up 

Most businesses think hiring an SEO content writing agency is a luxury, and they can manage independently.

However, you will realize the difference once you see the increased web traffic. You can see a palpable difference in the revenue that a professionally optimized website brings to your business.

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