Outsource Content Writing: Tips for Finding Writers that Add Value to Digital Marketing Campaigns

outsource content writing

Consider these stats that present a compelling case to outsource content writing

1 – 51% of B2B buyers rely on content to make purchase decisions [2016]

2 – Half of B2B marketers outsource at least one content marketing activity [2019]

“Content creation is the activity B2B marketers are most likely to outsource

84% of marketers outsource content creation. This is regardless of company size or content marketing budget. Such techniques also spell overall content marketing success.

Recent reports from 2019 say that 91% of marketers from more than 35 countries are spending on content marketing. Content is ruling the roost in every sense of the word. Content marketing is here to stay and, it has become more result-oriented. B2B marketers prefer to outsource at least one marketing pursuit, and that’s content development.


Why outsource content writing for content marketing?

Creating content is arguably one of the most challenging tasks in marketing. In a survey, amongst half of those surveyed, more than 80% of marketers admitted that they outsource content needs. Outsourced content creators work like specialists and serve as the best investment for the future.

The result of this business model adds value to your business at many levels. Let’s check out some advantages of outsourcing content creation to professional writers.

1 – Rapid production of content

It may happen that an urgent need may arise for the creation of content. This emergency may be to meet a specific requirement related to your business. A vendor partner will definitely clear up its plate to accommodate such urgent requests.

Such scenarios highlight the importance of outsourcing. It helps bolster content marketing strategy. As a result, your campaigns get efficient performance powered by quality content. This is why you need the expertise of skilled writers .

“Outsourced content creation agencies can scale up production as per your specific demand.

This is one of the best USPs of outsourced content writing.

2 – ETAs are easy when you outsource content writing

Content writing agencies are always there to supply their services.  One of the significant factors is their ability to meet deadlines. Expert writers can save you the trouble of endless thinking on topic ideation. They can come up with unique and fresh content ideas on a daily basis.

3- Quick turnaround and multitasking abilities

Outsourcing content marketing can save both, time and money. The third-party content writing companies offer swift turnaround times with on-time completion of projects. Sometimes, in-house employees may take longer time to complete a task. Whereas, an outsource partner may take shorter time to deliver the same assignment.

4- Proficiency and mastery

It is difficult to find a qualified person who suits the job.

“Professional content writers offer immense value from day one of the engagement

When you outsource, you forget the worries of hiring new people and training. The content writers will be able to write on a range of topics across different industries.

All the expertise that you need is available at hand.  Outsourcing also assures that the content will be checked thoroughly for grammar and readability. Such content will comply with Google algorithm updates and SEO norms.

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5- Superior ROI when you outsource content writing

Businesses can rely on outsourced content creation to pull in more traffic. The engrossing and in-depth copy can keep readers engaged and get more leads. Good content has the ability to rope in new customers. They also help retain the old ones with quality content that’s informative and interesting.

6 – A credible content creation partner

When you join hands with the right outsourcing partner, you build a bankable relationship. When it comes to content marketing, a dependable and trustworthy partner in content writing makes a huge difference.

“Vendors involved in content creation on your behalf will put in the right efforts to harness maximum value out of your content.

7 – A wide range of content

Outsourcing of content allows you to quickly expand the scope of content writing to span different areas. Some of the common types of content include

Developing this kind of sheer versatility in-house will take months (if not years). It is best to outsource content development to expert writers. They have prior knowledge of these types of content.

Such freedom lets you experiment with various types of content. Your business gets the benefit of new forms of content.

It might happen that you are not able to fathom which form of content suits your brand. In such a scenario, your outsourced associates can help. They can sum up your needs and suggest the best type of content that works.

Tips to find reliable experts to outsource content writing

Selecting content writers for your brand can be a daunting task. The content can differ from industries like finance, real estate, medical, hospitality, etc. Here are some guidelines to follow for hiring the best talent in the industry

1 – Versatility

If a writing company has prior experience on these aspects then it can be a great choice –

  1. Many industries covered
  2. Different types of content created
  3. High volume of content delivered on time

For instance, a landing page needs to pack a concise copy. It will be created to incite the target audience to act. Whereas, an in-depth study of a theme would require a commanding white paper to influence readers.

Similarly, a copy on a technological apparatus for the medical fraternity will carry a different tone. Whereas, a copy for an organic food outlet for health freaks will be worded differently. A valuable writer will adapt to the changing styles with practised ease.

2 –Fact-finding skills

An excellent sense of research and investigation is essential for superb content development. The research adds to integrity and merit. It’s crucial to build ethical information from credible sources. This helps readers to establish trust on your brand.

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3 – SEO skills

A talented content writing company will develop fresh and unique content in line with SEO trends. This way, your content is positioned higher in SERP rankings. Hence, you enjoy better visibility. You get a higher volume of site traffic when you outsource content writing.

A writer will know all about

  1. SEO-helpful terms,
  2. meta tags,
  3. use of keywords and
  4. be in sync with the algorithm updates Google.

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4 –Organising skills

Good organisational skills ensures total dedication to the craft. A good writer is one who is in command in all the projects undertaken. Hence, he will keep tabs on the schedule and knowing the deadlines. This results in many advantages. An efficient writer in an outsourced content writing agency will return an assignment on time. He will ensure that the content will adhere to all quality benchmarks. He uses many tools to speed up the work. This is done without compromising on its quality.

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5 – Talent to concentrate

It is tough to build focus to help produce an articulate and well-written copy. You should get an expert content writer who has a clear-cut approach to the task on hand.

To test on the scale of sharpness, start with smaller project. Once it meets your quality benchmarks you can assign a  higher volume of challenging projects in content writing.

6 – Proofreading competency

Proofreading adds finesse to the text. The prowess calls for a firm hand and a hawk-eye for detail. A fine writer is one who writes as per the reader persona. He makes sure to avoid the below issues

a – grammar or spelling misses

b – logical sentence construction that is sensible to read

c – use of obsolete and repetitive words

d – English tonality as per B2C or B2B audience

Editing is as crucial as research and drafting process in the entire content creation workflow. You need to find a writer that does manual proofreading as well as tool based QA with online software like Grammarly.

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7 – Quality strategist

A smart creator is one who knows how to develop quality content. The right skills make an article compelling to read. They do not have any grammar or sentence construction issue. An efficient writer is one who believes in delivering on time. As a result he offers a strategic content writing mechanism.

outsource content writer

Questions to ask when outsourcing content writing for content marketing

1 – What are the types of content they can create?

2 – Do they have the requisite experience?

3 – Do they have the domain expertise?

4 – Do they have an understanding of SEO skills?

5 – Do they have any revision policies?

6 – Can they deliver the brand tone and voice consistently?

7 – Do they have basic digital marketing knowledge?


There are many benefits a reliable content creation agency provides. USPs like lower costs and enhanced productivity boost your marketing RoI. Such benefits help you decide in favour of white label content writing. This post has made it clear on what you need to do when you begin your search for great quality writers. Zero in on a professional writing agency like Textuar. We will help you leverage maximum value from this approach of outsourcing content creation

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