Is ChatGPT ideal for SEO content writing?

Chat GPT vs SEO content writing

Machine learning is the backbone that powers Chatbot ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). It learns from pre-fed information to predict what the next sentence of content will be. This way, when you input a query, it will respond by generating human-like responses in real time. So, all is well on the SEO content writing front, right? […]

16 Best Readability Tools to Boost SEO Content Writing


Have you ever attempted to read something just to be drained by the whole experience? It is certainly not a good feeling when readers have to put in efforts to comprehend the meaning of the words in the SEO content writing. This is the underlying principle of readability.

Search Intent – How to Optimize Content for It

optimized content for search intent

Have you Googled a particular query and ever got a wrong answer? Chances are – Never! Well, this is the power of search intent that Google uses as an important ranking factor. Search intent has become an important aspect of SEO. This is one of the reasons why experts request content writers to create content […]

Why Is It Good to Hire an SEO Content Writer in 2022?

Hire an SEO content Writer

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) was a fairly simple process in the distant past, and companies could do it by themselves, provided they had a basic knowledge of the internet. All they had to do was fill in their websites with keywords conjuring up backlinks. Lo and behold! It was a breeze getting top positions on […]

Everything You Need to Know About Anchor Text in SEO Content Writing

anchor text in SEO content writing

In our school lives, we may have always related an anchor to something that keeps boats from floating away. They add weight and keep the boat steadfast. We see the same analogy applied to anchor text for SEO content writing. Anchors in your content writing keeps readers from floating away. It keeps them hooked to […]