How to Get the Best Long-Tail Keywords for Your Next Blog?

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Just the other day, I searched for “Which is the best laptop to buy under Rs. 30000 in India in 2021”. As a marketer with expertise in blog writing services, it got me thinking. “Will I get apt results for such a long keyword?”  But surprisingly, I got 7 million results! And all of them […]

5 Interesting Components of a Good Blog

Components of a good blog

These days, blog content writing is in great demand to promote online business and enhance engagement with mobile users. More and more businesses hire blog writing companies to promote and publicize their products and services. Here we shall discuss how can a blog capture the right attention and gain popularity with a sound readership.

Blog Writing Bloopers Your Business Should Avoid

blog writing bloopers

SEO blog writing has grown to be the core of a brand’s online presence and that comes as no surprise. In the digital marketing era, business owners are now of the opinion that content massively is responsible in bringing engaged customers nearer to the brand. For content writers, being effective in SEO blog writing is […]

10 Modern Blog Editing Tips for The Finicky Blogger

Blog editing tips for the blogger

Blogging is a hot topic right now and everyone loves it. Blog content not only provides information to the reader but creates an incredible channel for brands to engage better with their potential customers online and thus obtain new revenue streams. It is no wonder that 86% of B2B companies use blogging as a lead […]

Business Blogs – Make it Your Customer Acquisition Mantra

  Digital marketing has gained significant traction over the last 7-8 years. This growth is mainly fuelled by quality content. One form of engaging with customers through content is by developing business blogs. Business websites usually have a dedicated blog page that aims to drive customer engagement through helpful content that seeks to resolve a […]