How to Prepare for a Content Writer Job Interview?

Content Writer Job Interview

Consider these stats 1 – High quality content writers need to polish their content. A research from Acrolinx said that the biggest turnoff for more than half of buyers was grammatical errors and bad writing on a website. 2 – Companies with blogs on their site generate 67% more leads on average than sites that don’t […]

7 Golden Rules of Website Content Writing

website content writing

Website content writing operates on a singular rule. It aims to let the reader take action that results in a gain for your business. It won’t be wrong to say that your web content is a salesperson for your website. Well-written content engages the readers. It provides the necessary information to them. It evokes an […]

How to Optimize Website Content for SEO?

Website Content writing

Website content writing is not easy, as it takes up a lot of time to do keyword research, draft the article, perform quality checks, and publish the article. Therefore, be careful while drafting because if you do not get the traffic as expected, it can be a major letdown. 96% of content marketers have reported […]

What are the Most Important Pages on a Website?

web content writing

Content is the king, and quality web content writing experts offer us top-notch content for our website. But have you ever raised any questions like: 1 – How many pages should my website have? 2 – How much content should each page hold? 3 – What content should be put on different web pages? Well, […]

Five Amazing Tips to Optimize Website Content for Google RankBrain

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It all started in 2015. Google made a fascinating big reveal that changed the course of website content writing forever. They announced that they use artificial intelligence to rank websites in search results. Google stated that RankBrain is one of its three key ranking elements. The other two were links and content. So, the three […]